We climbed a volcano

Posted on: November 23, 2011

Yesterday, we climbed a volcano, an active one with smoke from the top and parts of the sides. First we walked to the place where we got in the van, it was an outfitter, an outfitter is someone who does adventures. When we were there we met our guides and their names were Pablo and Victor. On our trip was our family plus two more.

We drove a long time and our guides told us about where we were driving. I was asleep part of the time. They told about the volcano and how active it is and how old it is. When we got there it was a national park and we got another guide too his name was Felix but he told me his name was Phoenix which is a funny name. We rented walking sticks and I don’t get it because they cost money. Then we drove on to the place where we started hiking to the volcano.

It was very steep. Our guides told us about the plants, and there was wild coffee and some poisonous things and this one plant with really soft leaves that people use to wash their faces and for toilet paper. The guides were talking in plain old English but they talked Spanish too. People on horses followed us in case anyone wanted to ride a horse up instead of walk. Later on my mom wanted to ride a horse so it’s good they were following us.

Pretty soon we got so high that there weren’t any plants any more and we got closer and closer to the crater. It started getting hotter and hotter on the ground. We were pretty close to the crater when we stopped for lunch where there was steam coming out of the ground and we were sitting on cooled lava. We had tortillas that were heated over one of the steaming places, and inside our tortillas we had our choice of onions, tomatoes, beans, peppers, guacamole, and cream cheese and tuna.

After lunch we hiked down across the place the volcano last exploded just about a year ago. We stopped at a place that was baking hot, where lava had cooled some and the man whose name I thought was Phoenix took out some marshmallows from his backpack, they were regular and blue raspberry and strawberry, and he roasted them. You just had to count to ten when he was roasting them and they were crisp and golden. He had some cookies with chocolate in the center, and he opened them and we made something kind of like s’mores and it was really good.

Then we hiked down and that was it.


4 Responses to "We climbed a volcano"


Hi Grammy Barb, this is Carks. Thanks for commenting. I’m excited for Aunt Lynda and I wonder if this time it’s gonna be a boy. Right now it’s Monday and it’s night time and I’m washing the dishes, in our new apartment in Panajachel. Say hi to Sammy for me! From Carks.

That was a great description of your hike up a volcano. Good for you hiking all the way up and not needing to ride a horse. Allen and Karen and I managed to get out on a short hike at a new park — Wolf Run Regional Park — on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Allen was our guide and managed to loop us around on just about every trail in the park, but no lava anywhere, alas.

Hi Aunt Barbara, Thanks for commenting! When we get home, we all can go to Wolf Run Park. Thanks again, Carks

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