Back in Panajachel

Posted on: November 30, 2011

Yesterday I stayed at home and read books and played on the computer, because my sister was sick and there was nothing fun to do.

Except that for part of the morning I had a friend. Her name is Azucena, and you say it like “as-sue-SAY-na.” She has one brother and three sisters and her parents run a tienda that’s right next to the lemonade stand which is close by our apartment. Their tienda sells clothes and other stuff but A was too scared to peek in all the way today when we went to buy shoelaces and so I don’t know what else they sell. We didn’t get shoelaces. My mom thinks they sell shoes.

Azucena and I played hide-and-seek and tag on the apartment stairs. She taught us the word for hiccups when my mom had hiccups, it’s higo, and she taught us how to cure the hiccups a new way. You plug your ears with your thumbs and then you pinch your nose with your pinkies and then breathe in air. It works, because my mom tried it.

For hide and seek I hid up and down the stairs. There are statues and pictures in the stairs and so we had to be careful. We went up on the roof, and up there is nothing much just lawn chairs and beach chairs and a table and plants and a solar collector that collects the sun and uses it to make our hot water. There’s a metal bird, really big, almost as tall as me, and it rocks back and forth and the beak poked Azucena and she got a big scratch so we went downstairs and Daddy got out his first aid kit and got her a bandaid.

My mom pulled out my last feather today and now I don’t know how I’m gonna fly. It hurt when she pulled it out, but she thought it was just from my pillow and not from my wings. I might be an Animorph. Yikes! What if I am?


2 Responses to "Back in Panajachel"

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun! We are really enjoying reading about your adventures – I hope you are taking lots of pictures! When you come back you can meet our new dog, her name is Silsbee, she is a 3 year old yellow lab that we rescued. Keep writing!!! Can’t wait to see you in January.

Hi Calvin, it’s me, Carks! I’m excited for spring soccer, and I hope you’re on my team. I’m also excited to see what your new dog looks like. How big is your dog? I have been sick so I haven’t written much, and it’s been very boring staying home. Thanks for commenting! Merry Christmas, and if your dog is the same size as your stocking, put it in there with a squeaky toy so it doesn’t bark all night. This is Carks, kicking the goal out!

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