We went to Mazatenango and played soccer

Posted on: December 13, 2011

Since my last post, when my sister was sick, I got sick and then my mom got sick, too. But we’re all getting better now and it’s back to work!

Mostly we have been in Panajachel, but we also went to Mazatenango to see my birthmother again because she broke her wrist. We hired a private bus to take us there, and it took four hours driving around the volcano crater and getting higher and higher and higher, and then we headed south and went lower and lower and lower. Up higher they grow corn, and down lower they grow sugar cane and rubber trees, because of changes in the weather like its cooler up higher and warmer down lower.

On the roads there are lots of holes. And there are cows in the road, and sugar cane that drops off the trucks. At one part of the road we turned off the engine and then the driver lifted his foot off the brake and the car slowly by itself rolled up the hill without anyone pushing anything. This place is called the Mysterious Hill, and everybody tries it to see if it works.

Our driver took us to Pollo Campero, which is a chicken place kind of like Kentucky Fried Chicken, and they had a playplace, and my birthfamily met us there but they were a few minutes late. After lunch we met my 19-year-old brother. It was confusing because we had a translator who was named Carlos, and I was Carlos, and my brother’s name is Carlos! After we met my brother we went to their house and we went in the back yard and played soccer. There was a really long hallway with a gate at the end, so the gate was one goal and the other end was the other goal. The ground was not grass, it was dirt, and that made it easier to play, but the dust kept flying up.

I think turf is easiest to play soccer on, because there’s no mud and no dirt, but you can get hurt easier. We drive by soccer games here sometimes, and people look really serious about it, but there aren’t very many soccer fields and they sometimes play on basketball courts because of that. There aren’t very many soccer fields because there’s not much grass – in the towns everything is concrete or stones, and outside the towns they grow things everywhere.

On the way back it got really dark and we thought it was really late but it was only 6:30.


1 Response to "We went to Mazatenango and played soccer"

It’s great that you got to play soccer; that’s something you have in common with kids in Guatemala. Our expedition members sometimes play soccer with the kids in Egypt, and it is also dusty because they play in the desert.

Allen gave us an early Christmas present of a digital TV with a big screen, so now it actually receives the TV signals from the new antenna.
Last night we watched my choice of program which was on America’s National Parks, and tonight we watched Karen’s choice which was Pirates of the Caribbean.

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