The long and winding road

Posted on: December 20, 2011

I went with my dad to a village called Tierra Linda, which means “pretty land” in English. I didn’t think the land was pretty but the walk back down the mountain was pretty. It was a really long drive and very winding and uphill to get there. At the village there wasn’t much more than a dusty road and a couple of houses. The houses were made of concrete, and one house had lots of pigs and cows and goats and one pig was stuck on the roof and looked like it had been there for years.

Dad wanted to go there to look at a construction site, because he’s a geologist and a teacher and he wants to learn how to make earthquake resistant buildings. Buildings fall down in an earthquake more easy if they’re big, or if they don’t have straight metal bars inside the concrete.

A family is building this building we looked at, and they gave us bread like muffins and Coca Cola for our drink. This family was halfway done with the building, they only had to add the roof and the door and some paint. They did have the metal bars in their concrete, I could tell because the bars were sticking out the top where they will add the roof.

While Dad was looking at the building I held the ladder for him as he went up to look at the top. When he was done, we were ready to go home, but the truck that took us up there wasn’t back yet, so we had to walk. We were really far up in the mountains, and we had to walk all the way  down into Panajachel. The mountain was steep but the path was zigzaggy so it didn’t feel too steep. We walked down a lot faster than we drove up.

I picked the title of this blog because the road really was long and windy and because it’s a Beatles song.


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