Christmas Eve and fireworks

Posted on: December 31, 2011

On Christmas Eve night here in Panajachel there was a parade that I spotted first from our balcony, and so my sister and I ran down to the street. Santa was riding a fire truck and he threw down a ball to me. Two girls were throwing out candy from the fire truck, too, and my sister got candy but I didn’t have any.

After we had dinner we watched a movie, it was The Polar Express, it had to do with a Christmas train and we got to watch it in English. Every other time, we have to watch movies and TV in Spanish. Then my sister and I went to bed. Then our parents woke us up at 12 midnight because of the fireworks, they said look at the fireworks! Then Daddy suggested why don’t we go up on the roof, so we went up on the roof and we saw two other people from another apartment up there, who spoke English. So we talked to them, and we went back down to get the sparklers my Mom bought, and we shared our sparklers with them.

We could see fireworks, it was like a firework cage to be on our roof. There was fireworks surrounding us on all sides. There were some of the kind that just go up and flash and make noise, and there were a lot of the kind that make a lot of noise down on the street, and there were lots of the kind that go high and are colorful and explode into lots of colors, these were in Christmas colors, green and gold and red and blue and white. The fireworks lasted a really long time, until one o’clock.

Then we came downstairs and opened presents. I got a hat that I asked for, and a hot-pink monkey shirt that I wanted also, and I got a necklace that I didn’t want. I gave to my dad a knife and I gave my sister peacock earrings, and me and my sister gave my mom a chocolate bar and a notebook cover made of special Guatemala cloth. Some of these things I bought with my own money, which I get for an allowance each week, not in dollars but in Q, which stands for quetzales which is the kind of money they have here. But I’m going to save the rest of my allowance from now on so I can get a hundred dollars when I get back home and go to the bank and exchange my quetzales for dollars. It takes about 8 quetzales to make a dollar.

The ball I got from Santa broke a couple days after Christmas, but I got a big blue spiky ball which I wish I could take home with me, I bought it with my own quetzales.


2 Responses to "Christmas Eve and fireworks"

That sounded like a wonderful experience watching fireworks from your roof top on Christmas. Your Dad can tell you how our family used to watch fireworks from our roof in California on the 4th of July.
Yesterday Karen and I went to see the Wildlights at the zoo which were very pretty with lights outlining all the tree trunks and branches and lights like butterflies swinging from the branches. We watched Beco eating hay and Pheobe playing in a new indoor water shower and pool they made inside the elephant house. We also watched three new fishing cat cubs playing in the Australian Road House. And we discovered a new statue of an Asian rhinoceros calf which is very cute.

Hi Aunt Barbara, it’s me! I would like to go with you to Wildlights if it’s still going when we get back. And I would like to see the baby rhinoceras statue too, my sister wants to know if you can climb on it. Bye Aunt Barbara, from Carks.

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