Happy 2012!

Posted on: January 1, 2012

Last night we went to a party at a beach at the lake. We got invited because it was our friend who sells coffee that my dad buys at his Crossroad Café. It was already dark when we arrived, and not many people were there, and I fell asleep in my dad’s lap while we waited for fireworks. Then some other people came in a chicken bus. There was some chips there, and some Japanese food but I didn’t get any of it.

Then they announced they would start the fireworks. We had some friends there from Ohio. The fireworks were colorful and loud, and they lasted a long time. There were some fireworks in the trees, and they blew off some branches. Some were different colors, purple, gold, blue, red, and green. They had spinners that were supposed to be 2012, but they didn’t spin at the same time, and they knocked over the whole sign with the 2012 into the water but the spinners kept going they didn’t go out. That was the end of the fireworks. They were better than the Fourth of July fireworks back in Ohio.

Then we walked home along the shore, which was weird, because we had to cross through this place where you couldn’t touch the water because it smelled bad. We got to a bridge that was made of some tires and pieces of boards, and we crossed it but it wasn’t tippy.

On the way home we saw fire balloons. In the sky they looked like little fireballs, they went with the wind. They are made of tissue paper and a piece of cotton and a match. We saw like forty or more.

After that we went to the roof of our apartment, where there was food and a bunch of people, and fireworks. The fireworks were boring because they were small. There were volcanoes that were shaped like a cone, and you lighted the top until you see sparks, then you quickly set it down and run – they explode with a fountain in green, red, and white. Also I held a huge stick that you quickly light and hold up to the sky, and after a minute flares come out and it vibrates when it shoots the flares out. A flare come out, and about a minute later another one comes out, and then another one, different colors, there was a lot of flares, I didn’t keep count I was just enjoying them.

I stayed up until one o’clock. Fireworks started all around us at twelve, we saw big ones and little ones, colorful ones and bright ones, some loud ones and some quiet ones, some fountains. We saw some curved ones, when you shoot them they curve up and leave a trail and then they explode over houses. The fireworks were all around our hotel. When there weren’t so many fireworks anymore we went downstairs and went to bed.


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