Light-up bunny ears and coffee at school

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Hi, this is Carks. I am excited for January 19th because that’s when I get home and everyone’s going to be happy. I’m happy to get home too because I get to see my cat, and I miss her.

On New Years’ Eve me and my sister got these headbands, they’re not just headbands, they have bunny ears or horns or Angry Bird heads sticking up, and there’s a heart-shaped switch in the top and when you switch it on they light up. It’s very cool, well, says my mom. We saw these headbands on lots of other kids on the street, and we bought them from people selling them on the street. That’s all about the headbands.

I have something that you guys probably can’t do: I can bounce a broomstick on my foot. You guys can try to practice it between now and when I get home, and see if you can do it, too.

Me and my sister have school for four hours every day this week, which makes me happy because it’s shorter than school in Ohio. It’s Spanish school, we learn verbs, we play games sometimes like Bananagrams, and today we went shopping at the fire station. That’s where they sell second-hand things for traje – the traditional clothes people wear around here – on Tuesdays and Fridays in the driveway.

When we get to school we get to have a cup of coffee with sugar with our teachers, and another cup of coffee when we get a break halfway, but the second cup is only a half cup. At break time we also have sweet bread.


1 Response to "Light-up bunny ears and coffee at school"

Karen is taking Spanish as her college class this quarter at OSU Newark. It’s very intensive and she spent almost the whole day today (which is Saturday!) doing homework and studying her Spanish. Maybe she can practice with you when you get home. See you soon!

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