My last days in Guatemala

Posted on: January 22, 2012

Hi, this is Carks signing in. I am home, and I am happy to be home, to see all my friends and to see my cats.

Five days ago we were in Tikal and we went to the grand plaza and climbed Temple II (that’s a two in Roman numerals), but I already told you about that.

Four days ago we were in Tikal, and we hiked up to Temple IV (that’s a four) and climbed to the top. We hiked there in the dark at four in the morning, because we wanted to see the sunrise from where they filmed Star Wars. We were the only ones there at the top for about two hours, but we didn’t see the sunrise because there were too many clouds. We heard the howler monkeys wake up, though. We came back down, and when we were hiking back it started raining and we got soaked but my sister was singing anyway. Then we had to pack up and get on a bus to Guatemala City.

Three days ago we were in a hotel called the Casa Grande in Guatemala City, it was a mansion, it was big and fancy. We went to the zoo, we saw animals like hippotamuses, giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers, coatis, monkeys, things like otters called nutrias, jaguars, toucans, parrots, pheasants, macaws, a komodo dragon, turtles, baboons with babies, camels, spider monkeys with babies, a white tiger, ocelot kittens (an ocelot is a type of wild cat), owls, vultures, hawks, pelicans.

Two days ago we were on an airplane from Guatemala to Atlanta. We got on the plane, it was boring, I just technically watched TV. Then we landed and got another plane, that one flew from Atlanta to Ohio. And when we got to the airport we got our luggage and went outside and waited for my aunt to pick us up, we looked everywhere and then when me and my mom were coming down the escalator we saw her. And then she drove us home. It was cold, I was prepared for summer but it was winter. There was snow on the ground.

This is Carks, signing O-U-T out, ffoorreevveerr!!!!!!


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